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Cotopaxi National Park Reopens

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 00:00

When Cotopaxi Volcano showed signs of increased activity in August 2015, the national park was closed to the public. After months of close monitoring, the decision was made to reopen the park in December 2015. If you are planning on visiting, please take into consideration the following guidelines and information:

1. The National Park has only been partially re-opened. There are still areas which are out-of-bounds. For example, it is still not permitted to summit the volcano, hike up to the refuge, or drive up to the highest parking area. The north and south entrances are open, as is the road which connects the two. Access to the area around the Limpiopungo Lake and hikes towards the Ruminahui Volcano are also permitted.

2. The volcano is monitored 24 hours a day and there is an alert system now in place.

3. It is normal to see vapour and/or ash emissions. You may also experience ash falling, a sulphuric (bad egg) smell, observe secondary mud flows created by rain or glacier melt off and note bellowing sounds produced by the volcano.

4. To enter Cotopaxi National Park you will be required to register and sign a disclaimer form, which states that you are aware of the risks involved in visiting. You can do this at either the north or south entrance to the park.

5. You will need to carry with you the following equipment while you are within the national park: protective eye goggles and face mask, hat and water.

6. If you are entering the national park with a guide, they should be equipped also with a first aid kit and radio which allows them to stay in contact with the park rangers. In some parts of the national park there is no mobile phone coverage.

7. Permitted activities include: hiking, cycling and horse riding along authorized trails as well as picnicking.

8. Unpermitted activities: camping, visits to the refuge, summiting the volcano, lighting fires

9. At the time of writing, visits are only permitted to the park during daytime hours. Entry is permitted between 9am and 2pm, and everyone must leave by 3pm. You cannot currently sleep in the national park, for example at one of the lodges such as Tambopaxi.

10. The Cotopaxi Volcano continues to be on yellow alert. If volcanic activity increases, the national park will once again be closed to the public until further notice. Read more facts here.

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